This image was shot on the first day that Daniel McCulloch ever saw a Dolphin. The events that led up to that day were so powerfully Synchronistic & ‘Magical’, & the relationship between the Dolphins was so extraordinarily Syntonous, that the image had to be called SYNCHRONICITY. The intention was to help convey to as many people as possible the whole notion of Synchronicity, in the true Jungian & fundamantal, archetypal sense; to renew in people the memory that everything in life is truly significant, that there are no accidents or meaningless co-incidences, that we all flow through life upon waves of energy that we have ourselves emanated, that all we experience is somehow reflecting back to us our own inner being, whereby all of life must be includedwithin the sphere that we identify as ourself, where everybody is truly our Sister & Brother, where all of life is truly one & we are one with it.

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DanielMcCulloch is considered one of the foremost Dolphin photographers & significant resources for images of Wild Dolphins. His original photographic prints have been exhibited in Tokyo, Los Angeles , Kauaii & Santa Fe & have won international awards. His images, including a line of Fine Art posters, help to portray the extraordinary beauty, sensitivity & playful joy, astonishing intelligence & graceful power that characterises this wonderful being that all the world loves without knowing why.

Daniel McCulloch is a freelance underwater & land photographer, undertaking assignments for publishers & film makers, both as photographer as well as associate producer, location scout & co-ordinator, including such films as Academy Award winning : DOLPHINS, MINDS IN THE WATER; QUEST FOR THE DOLPHIN SPIRIT; DOLPHINS; FOR THE LOVE OF DOLPHINS.